The centre has been set up by our client iDID ADVENTURE, a social organisation that promotes the positive use of adventure sports to help marginalised individuals.

iDID ADVENTURE had been searching for some time for a building in which they could set up a climbing centre. In January 2018 they found a vacant warehouse close to Tesco Superstore in Corby that fitted their brief.

Morton Wykes Kramer’s first task was to apply for a Change of Use planning permission to allow the warehouse to be used as a climbing centre. Once this was granted we set about surveying the building and designing an overall layout for the centre. The central attraction of the centre is an amazing series of bouldering walls have been built by Rockworks inside the warehouse. We had to co-ordinate the work of each specialist and ensure their work did not overlap. The safety of these facilities is paramount and not only do we have to ensure that the boulder wall is secure but fire escape routes are easily reached. This is monitored through the Building Regulations, and we submitted an application to Corby Borough Council to made sure the building complied with all current legislation.

The centre opened to the public on Saturday 28th July and its very satisfying to see the first people enjoying the building over the summer holidays after months of applying for various regulatory permissions and managing the fit out to bring iDID ADVENTURE’S dream into a built reality.

Corby Climbing Centre