78 Derngate Extension plans in 3D

78 Derngate is listed as the number one thing to do in Northampton on TripAdvisor. Yet, the tight spaces that currently exist in the house are restricting the functionality and sustainability of the Trust. Guides have trouble taking more than seven or eight people around at a time. We have designed an extension that will create 25-metres-squared of new floorspace, a new mezzanine level and a new coffee room. The existing extension will be demolished and replaced with a four-metre high frameless glass conservatory.

Our Designs

The frameless glass conservatory is a revolutionary alternative to the existing black frame. We chose to use a frameless conservatory as it will allow visitors to enjoy he back of the house, something they otherwise might not have seen before because it is weather dependent. The structural glazing will reduce the visual impact of the Atrium when set against the neighbouring buildings. In hindsight the heavy framed existing glazed frame has caused problem in use.  Temperature differences between the thick frames and the glass units has caused thermal shock and this has resulted in the glass cracking.  A switch to structural glazing would see this issue for the Trust rectified.

Designing in 3D

These 3D plans allow clients and the public to visualise our designs in a way that is impossible with conventional plans and elevations. These visuals were created by our Assistant, Julia, and help to envisage our plans that make improvements to the disabled access of the house and garden. Designing in 3D allows us to simultaneously produce two-dimensional plans, sections and elevations, as well as construction details and schedules. All views are integrated with the three-dimensional model, thus every change in the design is updated within the corresponding drawings automatically. It also enables us to locate and solve potential construction issues early in the project.

The proposed extension that we have designed will mean that 78 Derngate will be able to comfortably accommodate 30 people at a time. This will improve the performance of events and art exhibitions.

We are honoured to be the Architects for this project and work on the only house in England remodelled by world-renowned Architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 

The plans are currently in public consultation and have received a landslide 45 letters of support.