Apption Labs

CLIENT: Apption Labs   /  COMPLETION: April 2020   /  LOCATION: Leicester


Apption Labs – Leicester


The Apption Labs Office was a three storey 1970s office building that had been slowly deteriorated from neglect to the point where it needed major refurbishment.  Our clients recognized that the building could ideally offer them the combination of admin offices, R&D space and a storage space for their products, something most office space could not.  Our first challenge was removing the vast amount of asbestos used in buildings of these period to provide fire protection for the steel frame in these buildings.  This was expertly stripped out of the building before work could commence.  The renovation then required three specialist contractors to deal with the fit out, the installation of the mechanical and electrical systems and the fit out of a show kitchen.

Uniquely the clients wanted a distinctly different character to each break out space on each floor.  The ground floor for instance has a distinctly has a New York loft vibe with exposed brickwork and industrial lighting.  The middle floor sees the wooden slat ceilings reappear that worked so well in our Volvo showrooms, but the pièce de résistance is the entrance sculpture.  It showcases the bamboo boxes that hold Apption Labs products and with the help of tensioned stainless-steel rigging from Pinnell and Bax in Northampton, a few hundred boxes are suspended from the ground floor to the third-floor ceiling. Simple but very impressive.  A special mention must go to Pinnell and Bax for helping us realise this particular design. 



Director: Dominic Kramer             
Architect: Beata Ogrodnik
Architectural assistant: Julia Radka