Walton High School

CLIENT:  Walton High   /   COMPLETION: January 2012   /   LOCATION: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Walton High  

The Walton High project was put to Morton Wykes Kramer to remedy the problem of the school’s overcrowded restaurant. A 220m2 bespoke steel frame mezzanine was proposed as a cost-effective solution for the school’s problem. The mezzanine floor provides a comfortable seating area, to motivate pupils to socialise and respect the new area. The split level allowed for the ground floor to serve hot food, whilst the first floor provides an experience similar to that in a popular coffee shop. Morton Wykes Kramer worked with pupils to design the interior to provide an experience equal to that in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre. Staff members even favoured the sociable, warm environment that was created over their own staff room.


Director: Dominic Kramer
Architectural technologist: Andrew Richards
Architectural assistant: Charlotte Rosier