Myth Busting: Passivhaus Edition

The world of Passivhaus is alien to many people. Often when people hear the term ‘Passivhaus’ many misconceptions about the Standard arise. ‘You can open the windows’, ‘Passivhaus is only for houses’ and ‘Passive Houses are too stuffy’ are only a few of the many misinterpretations. We are going to bust some of the most common Passivhaus myths for you:

1) You can’t open the windows

False! This is often the first thing that springs to people’s minds. In fact, all Passivhaus buildings have windows that open. There are no rules that state that the windows must be closed. They may be less necessary than in conventional buildings, where there is no ventilation system to provide constant clean fresh air into the living spaces and extract stale air. It is simply a case of their necessity to be opened is reduced.

2) The air in a Passivhaus is unhealthy

Passivhaus developments can often be healthier places than conventional buildings. The MVHR provides constant clean fresh air into the living spaces and extracts stale air from kitchens and bathrooms. The fresh air is warmed by the staled air as it is extracted, keeping the whole house warm and comfortable.

3) Passivhaus building are too expensive

This is a common misconception that many people have. We often hear this when we meet new clients. Nearly everyone believes Passivhaus buildings cost more. The truth is counterintuitive: Increasingly, Passivhaus buildings are becoming more affordable as their popularity has grown. Furthermore, if you include operating costs in the equation, the Passivhaus standard proves to be the most affordable way to construct any building. Passivhaus buildings require around 90% less heating energy than conventional buildings!

4) Passivhaus buildings are ugly

Take a look at the Passivhaus Trust website and consider the diversity in design. No two Passivhaus buildings are the same. For example our Keyte Gardens Passivhaus development in Wootton Wawen is completely different to the Passive House down the road in Wellesbourne. There is no rule book to dictate what a Passivhaus should look like!

6 Common Passivhaus Myths

5) Passivhaus buildings don’t have heating and they heat themselves

Unfortunately nothing heats itself. Instead, Passivhaus buildings rely on heat from internal appliances, body heat and the sun.

6) Passive Houses are too stuffy

The reason why some conventional buildings can sometimes feel stuffy is because CO2 levels are too high. However, in Passivhaus buildings, the MVHR provides constant fresh air which prevents this problem. The ventilation system also ensures that the building remains mould and excess moisture free by expelling stale air.


Now you are an expert in the world of Passivhaus! In the case that you might have a few more questions about Passive Houses, drop us an email, drop us a comment on our Linkedin or head over to our Twitter! We are more than happy to spread our Passivhaus knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!