Our amazing entrance feature for Apption Labs in Leicester.

We have just refurbished a 1970s office building and we put this sculpture in the stairwell.  It showcases the bamboo boxes that hold their products and with the help of tensioned stainless steel rigging from Pinnel and Bax in Northampton, we have suspended a few hundred boxes from the ground floor to the third-floor ceiling. Simple but very impressive.  We extend our thanks to Pinnal and Bax for realising our designs.

The main project involved the refurbishment of a 1970s office building on the outskirts of Leicester.  The building has a commanding position above Leicester and from its third floor offices has stunning views over the city centre and its two stadia.  The building had been neglected for many years and required an extensive asbestos strip out before work could begin.  Our clients gave us a brief to fully refurbish it and not to follow the norm of standard office fit outs with the expected nondescript furniture, carpet tiles and wall to wall suspended ceilings.  Drawing on some of the special interiors that we have carried out on car showrooms and with a few new ideas, the design includes central break out spaces on each floor that have a separate identify to reflect the interests of the users of each floor of the building.  The top floor is occupied by the research and development staff so a magnetic plaster wall alongside their break out space lets them put anything on the wall magnetic. 

We will post a full case study in due course.  But for the meantime the staircase feature shows how creative you can be with the minimum of materials.