Keyte Gardens is in the spotlight! One year on the development has been featured in Local Authority Building & Maintenance. The Passivhaus development that was brought to fruition in collaboration with Warwickshire Rural Housing Association is helping residents feel the benefits of the reduced energy bills.

Residents are Feeling the Benefits of the Homes

Thanks to the precise design, high levels of thermal insulation, airtightness and a minimum heat recovery ventilation system, residents Harry and Maureen Stevenson has been told that their energy payments have been reduced by 62.9%. In the LABM the residents stated, “We’ve been surprised our heating bills have been so low,” says retired Maureen. “And we’ve now been told by our energy supplier that we can reduce our direct debit payments to £36 a month. When we were renting a two-bedroom house previously, we were paying £69 a month, so it’s a big saving.”

Keyte Gardens demonstrates that ultra-energy efficient Passivhaus homes are within the reach of everybody and not just for a select few. Maureen continues “The bungalow stays lovely and warm during the day and night and we turn the heating right down. We manage as we are, but it definitely helps to save money as it means you can have a little holiday or something.” You can read the rest of the article here.

The Keyte Gardens Passivhaus development is the first of its kind in Warwickshire. Keyte Gardens not only provides affordable and spacious homes for people with family ties to the village, it also meets the immense desire within the local community to have homes that provide environmental benefits.

One year on from completion, Keyte Gardens has also been featured on Rural Services Network. The feature discusses the attention to detail that Keyte Gardens incorporates such as the perfect North – South orientation for maximum solar gain during winter months.

It is so great to see the residents of Keyte Gardens reaping the benefits of the forward-thinking, environmentally friendly homes!