What is the impact of school design?

The impact of school design is extremely important. We create dynamic and well-lit areas, practical support spaces and adaptable technology infrastructure to support our clients in raising educational attainment and aspiration. 

Effective and inspiring architecture plays a crucial role in the learning process. A school’s design can complicate the experience for pupils and parents. Or create a welcoming and friendly environment where staff, students and the building can reach their full potential.

One way to create an effective and sustainable modern school environment is to ensure user participation. We work collaboratively with staff and students to ensure that the inspirational spaces are harmonious with their aspirations. 

Walton High

At Walton High, the school’s restaurant was becoming overcrowded. We proposed a 220m2 bespoke steel frame mezzanine as a cost-effective solution. The mezzanine floor provides a comfortable seating area, to motivate pupils to socialise and respect the new area. We worked with a group of pupils to design the interior to mirror the experience of that in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre. We also designed a space that not only looks the part but performs acoustically too. 65 Ecophon Solo circular acoustic ceiling rafts were used to combat the high levels of background noise associated with open plan areas with hard surfaces. You can read more about the Ecophon panels in Architects Journal. The new restaurant even proved popular with staff members who favoured the sociable, warm environment that was created over their own staff room.

First Impressions are Everything

The reception area of a school is the first thing most visitors will see. The importance of creating an inviting and accessible reception is paramount. We were involved in the complete re-think of the entrance at New Chapter Primary School. What was once a cramped and uninviting area, was redesigned to increase the size and provide an accessible area for wheelchair users.

New Chapter

The new and inviting reception area boasts large, glass windows so that the space is transparent for the staff members to look out to visitors. The new space also provides enough space for informal meetings, as well as an additional meeting room. We also transformed a noisy corridor adjacent to the reception into a quiet enclosed library area.


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