Our Commitment to Regeneration

Empowering Communities Through Innovation

The rejuvenation of a neglected ex-factory into an affordable housing hub,  addressing pressing housing shortages and transforming a blighted, derelict brownfield site that was deemed “too difficult”. 

MWK Architects embark on a challenging yet transformative endeavour

Collaborative Partnership and Site Revival

Collaborating with three diverse housing associations—Waterloo (later known as Platform) and the Market Harborough section of another association—MWK Architects served as a unifying force. Despite disparities in land value, these collaborations bridged gaps between architects, local authorities, and government funding sources, enabling a collective approach to community well-being.

Hands-on Approach

During the planning phase, MWK Architects collaborated closely with strategic planners and local authorities to integrate safety measures seamlessly into the proposed housing layouts. This involved considering emergency access, and fire escape routes, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations without compromising the design’s integrity.

The Build

Our plans, which encompassed a blend of two-bed houses, three-bed houses, and flats, were carefully crafted to accommodate the diverse demographics within the community.

This diversity in housing options addressed different needs, catering not only to varying family sizes but also to different economic backgrounds. The mix of housing types ensured inclusivity by providing affordable options while offering a variety of living spaces to suit different lifestyles. The focus on inclusivity helped create a cohesive community where residents from various backgrounds could live harmoniously.

A Decade-Long Journey

The process wasn’t without its challenges. The site, a former factory, posed complex issues: disparate ownership, damaged structures, and the intricate task of repurposing industrial land.

Negotiating conflicting preferences between planners and highway authorities regarding the entrance road’s location posed a significant hurdle.  A series of back-and-forth negotiations regarding the location of an access road for the project. 

Initially, there were conflicting preferences between different roads for the access point. Despite redrawing plans and accommodating various suggestions, there were consistent refusals from the authorities due to concerns about bus stop placements. 

However, MWK Architects spearheaded a proactive, unconventional approach, progressing the proposal to a technical stage before securing planning permission. 

Despite the monumental task and the unforeseen disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, MWK Architects were able to communicate with their partners through direct and hands-on engagements.  

The result: completion of the housing development within nine months while preserving the site’s historical essence.

Value in Local Integration and Design Consistency

The approach adopted by MWK Architects emphasised the fusion of new structures with the local aesthetic, resonating with the site’s history. By integrating thematic consistency across housing designs, the community’s character and personality were preserved, fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

Our Client-Centric Commitment

Throughout this transformative journey, MWK Architects served as the linchpin, orchestrating diverse partners towards a shared vision.  It’s not merely about what was achieved, but how we were able to facilitate solutions and bring forth transformative outcomes. This client-centric ethos shaped our promise—a commitment to go the extra mile, overcoming regulatory hurdles, for the benefit of our clients and communities.

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