Magnetic Wall

Magnetic Walls now exist!

We were asked by one of our clients, Whittlebury Hall Hotel to solve a problem they had with pin chart sheets in their conference rooms. They had heard of magnetic paint but we thought we would go one better and look at magnetic plaster. It looked an exciting opportunity and we decided to learn more about the product.

Magnetic Plaster is plaster which can be applied to new or existing walls and once dry is magnetic so the walls become an interactive gallery or notice board. The magnetic attraction is determined by the thickness of the plaster applied, it needs to be at least 3mm thick and the strength of the magnets used. The dried plaster can be painted over with ordinary wall paint or special finishes such as whiteboard and blackboard paint or even wallpaper. It does not interfere with Wi-Fi or electrical items.

On a conference room environment it offers total flexibility for displaying charts and large sheets of paper that result from group working tasks without the fear of damaging the walls with drawing or map pins, sticky tape and greasy blobs of wall adhesive such as Blue tac. It’s also ideal for office meeting rooms or can be used for home decor giving you the freedom to stick posters, pictures and photos wherever you want.

For more information on Magnetic Plaster we suggest the following link:

And finally this is Dominic Kramer demonstrating the finished magnetic wall in the Brooklands conference rooms at Whittlebury Hall Hotel.